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In April 2006, SUBWAY TO SALLY embark on their very first acoustic tour called "Nackt" (="naked") which leads them primary through churches and clubs with intimate atmosphere all over Germany. The projects turns out to be a huge success – assisted by cellist B.Deutung (ex-INCHTABOKATABLES) the band creates pure magic on stage, giving the fans (and themselves as well) unforgettable evenings! SUBWAY TO SALLY recorded their "Nackt" shows on April 30th (aural for the CD) and May 5th (visual for the DVD) at the Passionskirche in Berlin; the material gets released as a high class CD/DVD package on November 10th. Double pleasure for your eyes and ears and a wonderful souvenir of a special night from and with SUBWAY TO SALLY! SUBWAY TO SALLY are a phenomenon. Founded 1992, the septet from Potsdam, Germany, won an large fan base within a very short time by playing uncountable live-gigs and releasing excellent albums. Today the seven musicians enthuse thousands of devotees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and are considered as one of the best German live bands ever. The trademarks of the band are hard rock and metal music, blended by Medieval melodies through bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lute, mandolin, shawm, violin or flute. With such instrumentation all songs have a very own charm and character. Also the German lyrics help giving the music a unique effect. With their third album "Foppt den Dämon" ("Fob The Demon") SUBWAY TO SALLY opened up a new chapter in the band's history in 1996 by signing the first major deal with BMG Munich. With that label SUBWAY TO SALLY released the two studio albums "Bannkreis" ("Spell") and "Hochzeit" ("Marriage") and live-album "Schrei ("Scream") as well as a ‘best of’ record "Die Rose im Wasser" ("The Rose In The Water") at the end of their contract deal. In 2000, SUBWAY TO SALLY signed to Universal and released "Herzblut" (="Heart's Blood"). The album charted on position 15 in the German Media Control Charts and was followed by a nomination in the German music prize "Echo" and a highly successful all sold-out tour in Mexico. Within the first ten years of their existence, SUBWAY TO SALLY have sold approx. 230.000 CDs and got featured on 80.000 sold compilations. On March 10th 2003, the album "Engelskrieger" ("Angel's Warrior") was released and entered straight into position 9 of the official charts! In 2004, the band decided to sign with the last still growing record label in Germany: Nuclear Blast. Full speed ahead for SUBWAY TO SALLY in 2005: With new drummer Simon Michael (the young multi talent replaces longtime drummer David Pätsch) completing the line up, the band plays uncountable gigs and releases single "Sieben" which ends up on # 45 in the German single charts – the highest single chart entry in the band history! The new longplayer "Nord Nord Ost" follows in August and hits the German album charts on a sensational # 5! DVD 1. Intro 2. Böses Erwachen 3. Das Rätsel 4. Minne 5. Ein Baum 6. Horo 7. Der Hofnarr 8. Sieben 9. Element Des Verbrechens 10. Kruzifix 11. Alle, Psalite Cum Luya 12. Mephisto 13. Das Rätsel II 14. Kleid Aus Rosen 15. Abgesang 16. Unterm Galgen 17. Traum Vom Tod II 18. Sanctus 19. Maria 20. Liebeszauber 21. Arche 22. Sag Dem Teufel 23. Die Braut & Der Bräutigam 24. Carrickfergus 25. Schlaflied 26. Ohne Liebe 27. Feuerkind 28. Seemannslied + Behind The Scenes

Liste des titres
1 - Intro
2 - Böses Erwachen
3 - Das Rätsel
4 - Sieben
5 - Unterm Galgen
6 - Ohne Liebe
7 - Maria
8 - Ein Baum
9 - Liebeszauber
10 - Das Rätsel II
11 - Sag Dem Teufel
12 - Horo
13 - Der Hofnarr
14 - Arch
15 - Abgesang
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