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NIGHTWISH, the most successful NUCLEAR BLAST band has become a monument in manyways – not just because of the incredible sales of their latest masterpiece. Honoured and certified with Platinum and Gold albums in many, many countries.Uncountable (really) chart entries everywhere (Germany: #1, Finland # 1, Greece# 1, Norway # 1, Sweden #2, Austria #4, Switzerland #4, Hungary #5, Holland #11,Spain #20 …) made NIGHTWISH a worldwide phenomenon and opened doors formany other bands in the same genre.

Now it’s the right time for the almighty DVD “End Of AN Era” to be released – a massive documentation of NIGHTWISH´s incredible power as a live band. The much-anticipated live CD/DVD package contains recordings/footage from the final concert of the “Once” world tour, featuring an amazing best-of set, which took place on October 21st 2005 at the Hartwall arena in Helsinki, Finland.

Tons of special effects and fans freaking out made the evening magical and should needs to be seen by the world. No need to say, that the venue was completelysold out…The title “End Of An Era” fits perfectly in many ways:not just because it was the final show of the sensational “Once” tourbut it was also the last show featuring original singer Tarja Turunnen. Because of the split right after this show, this CD/DVD will go down in music history.A must have for all Nightwish fans everywhere! In addition to the perfect pictureand sound quality the DVD includes a SlideShow with photos from the Show and a 55 minutes long documentary "A Day Before Tomorrow" which shows the band’s last 15 days leading up to the show as well as an audio CD!

No doubt about it: “End Of An Era” is the perfect documentary of one of the greatest moments in metal history for many, many years!

NIGHTWISH came to life back in 1996 when Tuomas Holopainen and some friends were gathered around a campfire and improvised some songs which later would become the band's first real material. The very first three NIGHTWISH tracks were recorded between October and December 1996 with a line up consisting of Tuomas, Tarja Turunen and Emppu Vuorinen. In May 1997, NIGHTWISH signed a record deal with Spinefarm Records and began, together with new member Jukka Nevalainen (Drums), recording their debut "Angel's Fall First" which was released in November 1997. NIGHTWISH's trademark – the mixture of highly melodic Metal with Tarja's soprano operatic voice – brought fresh air into the scene and rocketed them into # 31 in the Finnish album charts. During summer of 1998, bass player Sami Vänskä joined NIGHTWISH and the band entered the studio once again. 1999’s "Oceanborn" was released and made NIGHTWISH the new stars of Finland. The album reached # 5 in Finland's album charts and the single "Sacrament Of Wilderness" held the #1 spot in the single charts for weeks! Successful tours and appearances at almost every big European festivals followed. Right on time for the big German solar eclipse in August 1999, "Sleeping Sun", one of NIGHTWISH's most haunting ballads, was released and sold more than 15.000 copies, in Germany alone!

The next full-length album "Wishmaster" kicked off in style and entered the Finnish album charts at # 1 and earned the band a gold album within three weeks of release. Foreign records were broken as well: "Wishmaster" entered the German media control charts at # 21, in France at # 66 and received countless music awards.

Back home after a lot of touring – including Europe and South America – NIGHTWISH filmed and recorded a live show in the Finnish city of Tampere, and released the material as the live CD "Over The Hills And Far Away" (plus four new songs including the Gary Moore cover 'Over The Hills And Far Away') and some time later also as a live CD/VHS/DVD under the name "From Wishes To Eternity" .

In late 2001, Marco Hietala from SINERGY joined NIGHTWISH as their new bass player and a bit later on the band started to use male vocals, together with Tarja’s vocals, in their songs which fitted the over-all sound of NIGHTWISH very well. "Century Child" in 2002 earned the band a double platinum album in Finland for more than 60.000 sold albums and finally sealed NIGHTWISH's status as Scandinavia's metal mega stars.

The documentary DVD "End Of Innocence" with extended interviews, backstage and live footage, music videos and photo galleries was the only NIGHTWISH release in 2003 as the band took a short break to recover from all the turbulence surrounding them.

What happened after the release of “Once” and the groundbreaking singles “Nemo” and “Wish I Had An Angel” is already well known facts, so let NIGHTWISH touch YOUR heart with this thrilling masterpiece!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Dark Chest Of Wonders
2 - Planet Hell
3 - Ever Dream
4 - Kinslayer
5 - Phantom Of The Opera
6 - The Siren
7 - Sleeping Sun
8 - High Hopes
9 - Bless The Child
10 - Wishmaster
11 - Slaying The Dreamer
12 - Kuolema Tekee Taiteiliian
13 - Nemo
14 - Ghost Love Score
15 - Stone People
16 - Creek Mary´s Blood
17 - Over The Hills And Far Away
18 - Wish I Had An Angel