Sortie le: 1990-06-09

1990 Music For Nations No doubt about it, the ”Live” album is one of the best releses bearing the name Candlemass. If you need an introduction to what Candlemass was all about, this is the one you need. Recorded on a warm summers day in Stockholm (it could have been the Marquee in London but the band thought twice about it and decided to pay some respect to their hometown) it features all the classics, showing the band at their absolute peak. It was a fantastic evening; the band was incredibly well rehearsed (for once), the biggest PA and lights that could be found was brought in (thanx Lena Ph!) with so enourmous amounts of smoke you could hardly see the band at times. The girlfriends had made tons of chili to feed the boys and crew, the fridge as loaded with beer enough to keep everyone happy. In the small downstairs studio at Fryshuset Mats Lindfors was ready to record the event. The plan was to record the entire set on the day, like a rehearsal, to have a backup if something went wrong later during the show. Two weeks before, the band had been raiding the town themselves with posters and handbills so nobody could miss the event. What could go wrong? Unfortunately neither the studio or the stage was ready at soundcheck time. Panic! Needless to say, the band was frustrated, four months of preparations out of the window. Downstairs Mats Lindfors could not first get in to the studio because nobody had keys (!) Then the 24 channel recording machine was a bit fucked up, Lindfors was furious! Upstairs the stage was only halfbuilt at soundcheck time. Bummer! The only thing to do was to keep on smiling and try to play as good as possible. And the band sounded amazing; supertight, supergood. One of the best shows they ever played according to Leif, Messiah, Lars, Mappe and Jan. Even Messiah remebered the lyrics perfectly (but all his “fucks” had to be remowed from tape afterwards due to american radiolaws. You can still hear traces of them here and there). The only overdubs that were done later was one (!) bassnote in ”Bewitched” and the beginning of Lars guitarsolo on ”Demons gate”. Done in a couple of hours. Piece of cake! Not very many live albums are as ”live” as this and it sounds so good. Giving all fans an opportunity to hear Candlemass live; rawer, heavier and superintense. The only debacle was that ”Dark reflections” had to be recorded twice due to the fucked up recording machine, and nobody told the band to hold their horses so Lindfors would be able to switch tapes before ”Bearer of pain”, so that little goodie never made it on to tape. But hey, it's almost perfect! Finally some good news for everybody that's been wondering what happened to the footage from the show. A video for ”Dark reflections” was edited from the live material and showed on ”Headbangers ball” and on swedish tv, but the rest of it got stuck in a nasty lawsuit between the band and the greedy morons that filmed it and was supposed to come up with an hour worth of edited material for a videorelease. Of course they did a shit job and refused to do the changes the band suggested. So after the films got ”bailed out” - still without releaseable quality - they were sent over to Metal Blade in America (because they owned the rights and said they would edit the thing themselves) for a release that never happened. Only a few years ago the band got the tapes back and a DVD will soon be available. For the very first time will you be able to see what rockcritics and fans have been raving about for almost fifteen years. Candlemass live in absolute top form.

Liste des titres
1 - Well of Souls
2 - Dark are the Veils of Death
3 - Bewitched
4 - Solitude
5 - Dark Reflections
6 - Under the Oak
7 - Demons Gate
8 - Bells of Acheron
9 - Through the Infinitive Halls of Death
10 - Samarithan
11 - Mirror Mirror
12 - At the Gallows End
13 - A Sorcerers Pledge