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Sortie le: 2003-12-01

Live Mania not only celebrates ROCK HARD’s DVD premiere but also its 20th anniversary. For two decades the magazine from Dortmund has seen many bands and media come and go. Now 17 bands of international reputation have come together at one of the most beautiful open air venues of the area, The Amphitheatre Gelsenkirchen, and created an unforgettable weekend at Whitsun 2003: Blind Guardian (D), Saxon (GB), Anthrax (USA), In Flames (SWE), Kreator (D), Nevermore (USA), Circle II Circle (ex-Savatage-singer) (USA), Trouble (USA), Candlemass (SWE), Sodom (D), Arch Enemy (SWE/D), Soilwork (SWE), Tribe After Tribe (SOUTH AFRICA), Darkane (SWE), God Dethroned (NL), Threshold (GB) and Doro (D).The two teenagers Uwe Lerch and Holger Stratmann founded ROCK HARD in 1983. Together they strived for independent reports as well as individualistic perspectives regarding the metal scene. The magazine grew steadily making ROCK HARD the first nationally distributed fanzine without a big publisher, with a collection of eager and qualified writers at its side. Supporting young bands and live music while uncovering that metal and rock were not stupid noise terror as claimed by other papers like "Bild", ROCK HARD quickly gained the fame of being informative and critical while at the same time humoristic and liberal. Today – after 20 years of work for the heavy music scene – ROCK HARD is on top of the European rock magazines, represented by offices in Germany, France, Spain and Italy, an official website ( and several supported festivals and tours all over the continent. Even the renowned German journal "Spiegel" lately attested: "ROCK HARD is the central organ of the heavy metal fans."Beside the 17 live clips of Rock Hard Live Mania, this DVD also contains interviews and impressions of ROCK HARD's first very own open-air event. An adventure for your eyes and ears and a worthy anniversary gift of Europeans top metal magazine to its faithful readers. Enjoy!

Liste des titres
1 - GOD DETHRONED “Into The Lungs Of Hell“
2 - TRIBE AFTER TRIBE “Out Of Control“
3 - CIRCLE II CIRCLE “Watching In Silence“
4 - TROUBLE “The Tempter“/“Bastards Will Pay“
5 - NEVERMORE “Who Decides“
6 - KREATOR “The Patriarch“/“Violent Revolution“
7 - ANTHRAX “Safe Home“
8 - BLIND GUARDIAN “The Script For My Requiem“
9 - DARKANE “Violence From Within“
10 - THRESHOLD “Long Way Home“
11 - ARCH ENEMY “Dead Bury Their Dead“
12 - SOILWORK “Follow The Hollow“
13 - CANDLEMASS “At The Gallows End“
14 - SODOM “Remember The Fallen“
15 - IN FLAMES “System“
16 - DORO “Burning The Witches“
17 - SAXON “Denim And Leather“