Sortie le: 2002-09-09

Back in 1994 one of the most innovative and influential metal bands has left the metal building to take a very long break. No one would have ever thought of a second coming after such a long time, but when Nuclear Blast Records re-released the first album „Expositionsprophylaxe“ it became more and more clear that it was time for the band to concentrate on the real thing and get everything together for new kicking album.In 2001 patrick klopf (git. voc) and martin messner got their gear together and started to jam and to re-arrange some unreleased songs that were made after their last album „pleasuredome“. Herwig Zamernik (bass, vocals), which is also playing in two other bands („naked lunch“ and his solo project „fuzzman“) joined the band in january 2002. Within 4 months they have written the whole album. In April 2002 they have entered Zamerniks own studio „the Fuzzroom“ to record their follow up album. No doubt to expect something different, what disharmonic orchestra always stood for: innovative musical weirdness. And yes, they went one step ahead and spiced up their production with some wicked electronic sounds to give the whole disharmonic style a new perspective. Even adding a darkstep groove on „dual peepholes“ or wicked basslines and frequencies on „nine9nine“ let the songs still sound disharmonic. ........ „Ahead“ is a totally disharmonic follow up that starts right there , where „pleasuredome“ ended. This album shows more variety and complexity in songwriting and production than any other album of disharmonic orchestra. It is an acoustic adventure that everyone should experience at least once a lifetime.

Liste des titres
1 - Plus One
2 - r.u.s.m.t.s.i.m.
3 - Supervision
4 - Nine9Nine
5 - Grit Your Teeth
6 - Keep Falling Down
7 - Dual Peepholes
8 - If this is it, it isn't it, is it?
9 - Idiosycrated
10 - The Love I Hate
11 - Pain Of Existance
12 - Mindshaver
13 - I.M.S.M.T.S.U.R.