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Sortie le: 2002-02-11

UP THE IRONS! Have you ever heard about “The Trooper” who took the “Flight of Icarus” and didn’t “Run to the Hills”? It was “Two Minutes to Midnight” when he found out that his “Powerslave” had “The Number of the Beast”?

You really don’t know what we are talking about? We are talking about the most successful heavy metal band ever. When Iron Maiden released their first album in 1980, it was like a revolution in heavy metal. After changing their singer (Bruce Dickinson replaced Paul DiAnno) on Number of the Beast (1982), they had their big breakthrough. Iron Maiden released a lot of classic albums, played all the biggest festivals and are still the most popular band in heavy metal today.

A lot of young – and not so young – bands name Iron Maiden as their biggest influence. It is a great pleasure for them to be part on this amazing Tribute to Iron Maiden. You find all their biggest hits played by their biggest fans.

Liste des titres
1 - Steel Prophet - The Ides Of...Purgatory
2 - Children Of Bodom - Aces High
3 - Rage - The Trooper
4 - Cradle Of Filth - Hallowed Be...
5 - Grave Digger - Running Free
6 - Burden Of Grief - Prowler
7 - Sonata Arctica - Die With Your...
8 - Therion - Children Of The Damned
9 - Iced Earth - Transylvania
10 - Opeth - Remember Tomorrow
11 - Sinergy - The Number Of...
12 - Disbelief - Stranger In A Strange Land
13 - Tierra Santa - Flight Of Icarus
14 - Dark Tranquility - 22, Acacia Avenue
15 - Six Feet Under - Wrathchild
16 - Darkane - Powerslave