Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin


PUNGENT STENCH - Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin

Sortie le: 2001-11-13

THEY’RE BACK! More than eight years after their latest album „Club Mondo Bizarre - For Members Only“, austrian Metal legend Pungent Stench are back with a bang. The fact that Pungent Stench never split up officially made rumours about a new album going round in the last couple of years. Alex and Martin, the two founders of this sick three-piece outfit, always waited for the right time to come back. Back in 1998, when Nuclear Blast released the CD BOX „Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins“ they started to think about a new album. Jacek Perkowski, their old bass player, wasn’t very enthusiastic about this idea and so Alex and Martin asked Marius from Belphegor to join the band. With this line-up they entered the famous House Of Music Studio (Sinner, Primal Fear, Brainstorm) in Winterbach / Germany to record their new album „Masters Of Moral, Servants Of Sin“. This album contains some of the strongest material they have ever written. Songs like „Loot Shoot Electrocute“, „Schools Out Forever“, „Diary Of A Nurse“ or „Rex Paedophilus“ are already P.S. classics and will probably cause their fans to breaking their necks during the liveshows. Also, the lyrics are as sick as they've been in the past. Pungent Stench write about the might and the power of religion and the sickness of its followers. Combined with their typical sense of humor, this is definitely the sickest stuff you can get these days. Pungent Stench again are near to get into troubles with censorship, but they give a shit about the wrong moral of this sick society. Get into the world Of Pungent Stench and get brainwashed. Your world won’t be the same!!!

Liste des titres
1 - Loot, shoot, electrocute
2 - Schools out forever
3 - Diary Of A Nurse
4 - The convent of sin
5 - Rex Paedophilus
6 - Retaliation
7 - Suffer the little children to...
8 - Viva il vaticano
9 - Mortuary Love Affair
10 - The testament of stench