A Predator's Portrait


SOILWORK - A Predator's Portrait

Sortie le: 2001-02-19

Before you go any further for informations about the new album and the of history of Soilwork, please read the statement of their biggest fan.THE METAL GOD can’t be wrong!!! SOILWORK REPRESENTS A NEW SOUND IN THE METAL SCENE. THE COMBINATION OF STYLES CREATED IS EXCITING AND UNUSUAL. SOILWORK HAVE OBVIOUSLY WORKED HARD AT BREAKING THE METAL MOLD AND DEFINED A FUTURISTIC APPROACH THAT NO OTHER METAL BAND IS EXPLORING. I AM PARTICULARLY INSPIRED BY SPEEDS VARIETY OF VOCALS. HE SINGS IN AN INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE MANNER. SOILWORK ARE A BAND TO WATCH FOR THE NEW METAL MILLENIUM. GO GET IT!! ROB HALFORD Soilwork started in 1995 under the name Inferior Breed. They released one demo tape before they decided to change their name to Soilwork. The line up at this time was: Peter Wichers - Guitar, Bjorn Strid - Vocals, Ludvig Svartz – Vocals, Jimmy Persson – Drums, Carlos Del Olmo Holmberg – Keyboards. Later Soilwork added Ola Fink on bassguitar. This name really describes the career of this Swedish band, “starting from the dirt and working your way up“. And here they are...!!! In 1997 they recorded a demo tape named “ In Dreams We Fall Into The Eternal Lake“, which was more melodic and faster than Inferior Breed. Soilwork got in touch with War Music, but at this time, War wasn‘t able to record Soilwork, so it came to the deal with Listenable Records in France. The debut album Steelbath Suicide, which was recorded at the “old“ Studio Fredman in Gothenborg/ Sweden, was released in 1998. This album got loads of good response from magazines and fans all over the world. Shortly after the release Soilwork had a major line up change, which made guitarist Ludvig Svartz and drummer Jimmy Persson leave the band. At that time the band members felt different about the way the sound and all the things should be handled. Soilwork added two new members, Ole Frenning as guitarist, who was playing more “Black Sabbath“ kinds of metal, and on the drums Henry Ranta, who met them on a successful gig in Stockholm. Henry gave them his demo tape and Soilwork knew that he would fit perfectly in the band. With this line up they toured Europe with bands like Krisiun, Darkane and Naglfar. In the beginning of 1999 Soilwork recorded their second album again at Studio Fredman.. “The Chainheart Machine“, which was released in October 1999, also got fantastic reviews by magazines and fans from all over the world. After the recording of their “breakthrough“ album, they also did small weekend tours with bands like Defleshed, Cannibal Corpse and Marduk. “The Chainherat Machine“ was also a major hit in Japan, so Soilwork did a small promotion tour there along with Dark Tranquility. At this point of Soilwork‘s career it was time to make the next step . Numerous labels made their offers and they finally decided to sign a new deal with Nuclear Blast. So they could be assured to get full promotion backup and a well deserved distribution all over the world. Soilwork again entered the Studio Fredman (this time the new one) to record their third album entitled “A Predator’s Portrait“. This record brings something new, cause Björn included some clean vocals for the first time. It is by the band’s opinion their strongest album sofar. their definitely right, cause songs like „Needle Fist“, „Bastard Chain“, „Like The Average Stalker“, „The Analyst“ or „Final Fatal Force“ are real highlights in Swedish Death Metal!!! If you don’t believe, go back to the beginning and read Robs statement again...!!!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Bastard chain 4:02
2 - Like the average stalker 4:30
3 - Needlefeast 4:06
4 - Neurotica rampage 4:44
5 - The analyst 4:42
6 - Grand failure anthem 5:20
7 - Structure divine 4:06
8 - Shadow child 4:38
9 - Final fatal force 4:59
10 - A predator's portrait 4:31