Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas (RE-RELEASE)


THERION - Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas (RE-RELEASE)

Sortie le: 2000-11-27

I suppose this was the most experimental album in some ways. Here the 80’s heavy metal and classic influences got into the picture. We had always had really shitty budgets back then (as we had shitty salefigures) and this album was no exception. So to use a real orchestra for the classic arrangements had not even become a dream yet at this time. But a istener of today can definitly recognize what was going on back then and in a song like (for example) ”Eye Of Elipse” hear some traces of the Therion style later to show up on the THELI album in combination with choir. On this album we did our first tour in Germany (with Samael, Grave and Massacra) and there we discovered the difference between REAL beer deutsches pilz und weitzenbier) and elk-piss (swedish beer). (Christofer, THERION)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Baal reginon 2:11
2 - Dark princess Naamah 4:19
3 - A black rose 4:02
4 - Symphoni drakonis inferni 2:34
5 - Dawn of perishness 5:53
6 - The eye of eclipse 5:02
7 - The ritual dance of yezidis 2:08
8 - Powerdance 3:07
9 - Procreation of eternity 4:06
10 - Ho drakon ho megas 4:20
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