A Tribute To The Scorpions


VARIOUS ARTISTS - A Tribute To The Scorpions

Sortie le: 2000-10-16

There's probably no Hardrock-band on this planet which is even so well-known outside of its genre than these guys from Hannover, Germany. It doesn't matter where you go, everybody knows them, THE SCORPIONS. Also, there's obviously no band which succeeded in dividing Hardrock- and Metalfans to such a big extent as Klaus Meine & Co did during the years. Either you like them or you hate them. But no one can forget about the fact how influential their work has been on the scene. Without any exaggeration you can say that the Scorpions made Hardrock and Heavy Metal big in the eighties. They made this sound accessible to an audience that was formerly specialized on the typical mainstream which is played day by day on the radio. If one makes itself the trouble to ask some Hardrock or Heavy Metal musician in the USA about their biggest influence, with a probability of 99%, you'll always get the same answer: "Hell yeah, it's THE SCORPIONS!" Can there be a larger acknowledgment for a band?

Yes, of course. Especially when the big names of the recent Metal scene admit how they have been influenced by the Scorpions, and pay their respect with an excellent tribute album. Of course no band is so presumptuous to try to make their cover-version even better, that's why the artists more or less tried to capture the spirit of the original song. Anyway, it's not the aim of this compilation to gain profit from their creation, it's rather to show respect to the probably biggest Hardrock band of all times.Of course it has been hard to choose the most interesting songs out of the giant repertoire the Scorpions meanwhile own, but all the bands who are featured here did make a good choice between newer and older material. Check it out!

Therefore, thumbs up for the Scorpions, 'cause they will always rock us like a hurricane!

Liste des titres
1 - Helloween - He's a woman, She's a man
2 - Sinergy - Rock you like a hurricane
3 - Paradox - Dynamite
4 - Sonata Arctica - Still loving you
5 - Stratovarius - Blackout
6 - Children Of Bodom - Don't stop at the top
7 - Agent Steel - Dark lady
8 - Steel Prophet - Top of the bill
9 - Prolopower - Dampflokführer
10 - Tankard - Coming home
11 - Disbelief - Coast to coast
12 - To/Die/For - Passion rules the game
13 - Breaker - Pictured life
14 - Therion - Polar nights
15 - Rough Silk - Is there anybody there
16 - Metalium - Another piece of meat
17 - Seven Witches - Alien nation
18 - Custard - Send me an angel
19 - S.O.D. - Rock you like a hurricane