Into The Abyss


HYPOCRISY - Into The Abyss

Sortie le: 2000-07-31

Some people are always right, which is sometimes scary, but also admirable. Thankfully only in dry areas like science or politics – art is a completely different case. That’s why I’m sincerely happy that Peter Tägtgren, mainman of Sweden’s legendary death metal outfit HYPOCRISY and one of the most respected producers for death and black metal, was definetely wrong when by the time HYPOCRISY’s last selftitled album came out he announced that "fast songs are for the young bands. They do it much better than we do."Instead of sticking to his words and continuing HYPOCRISY on a path of refined heaviness, events over the last year made him change his mind. One important factor is the surpising career of Tägtgren’s solo project Pain which ended high up in the swedish charts. Of course Pain’s music is not really what I would term commercial, but "refined heaviness" fits rather well. And this path lead straight into glamourous TV studios, teenie magazines and talkshows – not really places that see Peter happy. Another factor is the long-awaited return of his hitherto just executing musicians Mikael Edlund (bass) and Lars Szöke (drums) to songwriting duties. Especially Lars seems to be one of those persons that only come to life at a speed considered dangerous by normal persons...The result: HYPOCRISY had two songs that one would consider fast, INTO THE ABYSS is the other way round. Apart from two reminders of HYPOCRISY’s recent heaviness everything breathes a wildness as if death metal just has its second coming and HYPOCRISY are young again. But we are not talking about going back to brutal classics like OSCULUM OBSCENUM or THE FOURTH DIMENSION. The raging intensity is just a cover for innovative ideas that go way beyond death metal standards. INTO THE ABYSS is more than an exercise in old school stylistics. Written and recorded in just five weeks it’s full of spontaneous interaction between three creative forces. Bizarre riffs lie twisted on top of manic drum cacsades, and above all Peter’s ghastly screams and sinister growls give birth to a shadow world of horror and violence.INTO THE ABYSS is not what HYPOCRISY‘s fans have expected, but it’s what they should have expected. Because this band never refused any challenge, and be it one posed by themselves. So expect the unexpected, but rest assured that the result is brillant.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Legions descend 3:53
2 - Blinded 4:17
3 - Resurrected 5:36
4 - Unleash the beast 3:29
5 - Digital prophecy 3:07
6 - Fire in the sky 4:58
7 - Total eclipse 3:09
8 - Unfold the sorrow 4:27
9 - Sodomized 3:18
10 - Deathrow (no regrets) 5:46