The end of Sanctuary


SINNER - The end of Sanctuary

Sortie le: 2000-03-27

Tradition in a new dimension ! SINNER have been inspiring melodic rock and metal fans alike for years. The gigantic success in the 80’s as albums like “Touch Of Sin” or “Coming Out Fighting” catapulted the band to the very top of the European metal scene were followed by a creative pause, a solo album from mastermind Mat Sinner and then finally the bands’ comeback in 1993 with the album “Respect”.During the second half of the last decade, SINNER impressively attained the position at the top of the national metal scene with releases like “Bottom Line” and “Judgement Day”. Their greatest commercial success to date was in 1998 as the band entered the German Top 100 LP charts (No. 63) with “The Nature Of Evil”. After that SINNER rocked 60,000 fans as Special Guests on tour with rock giants Deep Purple and clearly demonstrated their excellent live qualities. Deep Purple vocalist, Ian Gillan, personally thanked the guys after the tour and termed them ‘Best Special Guests of the Nineties’. Following this ‘knighting’ by Ian Gillan, nothing could stand in their way at the Wacken Open Air 1999 as the lads played to an enthusiastic crowd of more than 20,000 people. The band finished off the last century and a chapter of the band history with the release of the ‘best of’ album “The Second Decade”.However, before recording could commence for the latest SINNER masterpiece “The End Of Sanctuary” the band had to be reformed as guitar player Tom Naumann was forced to leave due to health problems and drummer Fritz Randow has been touring with Saxon for some time now. SINNER mastered the situation with impressive ease by recruiting ex-Thunderhead guitar beast Henry Wolter and the world-class Helloween drummer Uli Kusch who are both more than mere replacements as is clearly mirrored in the new recordings.“The End Of Sanctuary”, produced by Mat Sinner in the House Of Music Studios, shines in it’s structural versatility and the musical performance of the individuall musicians. The opener “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” and “Blood Relations” clearly indicate the path chosen by SINNER 2000 – uncompromising, powerful and the typical Sinner guitar harmonies are more dominant than ever before. With excellent drumming by Kusch and sensational guitar interaction from the Wolter/Beyrodt duo, the band have managed to create a unique atmosphere with tracks like “The Prophecy” and the sure hit title song. The crowing glory are the typical Mat Sinner vocals.The ‘riffrocker’ “Pain In Your Neck” possesses the typical SINNER groove and will surely become a classic, a hit in all good rock havens and the song that will bring every concert hall to boiling point.Naturally SINNER have also done their best to please their fans from the melodic rock fraction with the extremely catchy ‘Night Of The Wolf’. The ‘cultural’ album highlight is however the fabulous “Destiny” which can be seen as a little opera due to it’s 8 minutes of perfect orchestral arrangements and the excellent keyboard skills of Frank Rössler.All in all, ‘The End Of Sanctuary’ is an unbelievable album which transcends the boundaries of the term Traditional Metal with it’s inexhaustible musical versatility, musical competence and sensational melodies.

Liste des titres
1 - Signed, Sealed & Delivered
2 - Blood relations
3 - The end of sanctuary
4 - Pain in your neck
5 - Edge of the blade
6 - The prophecy
7 - Destiny
8 - Congress of deceit
9 - Heavy duty
10 - Night of the wolf
11 - Broken world
12 - Hand of the saint