The Power Cosmic


BAL-SAGOTH - The Power Cosmic

Sortie le: 1999-09-27

All hail BAL-SAGOTH!! The long awaited fourth opus from the mighty BAL-SAGOTH is finally here. It is the most breathtakingly dynamic work that England's most barbaric sons have yet crafted. It is a thundering masterpiece of searing galactic grandeur and blistering astral malevolence... the most terrifying space opera of darkest fantasy, sublime lunacy and bombastic war-metal ever heard by man! Behold the incredible stellar symphony entitled: "THE POWER COSMIC" BAL-SAGOTH have once again transcended all boundaries, striding over the limitations of the black metal genre like a great steel-thewed colossus. BAL-SAGOTH create pure avant-garde art, and have with THE POWER COSMIC crafted a sublime musical odyssey which will take listeners & readers on a journey to the infinite realms beyond. The mammoth BAL-SAGOTH engine is fuelled by the mana of genius; epic sagas of fantasy and science-fiction set against a stirring orchestral metal soundtrack; multi-faceted and exciting stories and characters given the spark of thespian life and existing within this grandoise musical soundscape. The world of BAL-SAGOTH is a wonderful and fantastic place... a spectacular alternate world populated by warriors, wizards, monsters, cosmic beings, terrifying demons and rogue gods... a world with its own history, theology and cosmology. It is a world which spans the vista of human experience from antediluvian times to the far future as mankind sets forth into the galaxy... a staggeringly epic saga encompassing countless thousands of years and culminating in man's quest to seize his destiny beyond the stars! No other band captures the imagination like BAL-SAGOTH. These five heroic renegades from England, led by the enigmatic mastermind and sagaspinner Byron, have carved for themselves a legend unique in the annals of musical history. BAL-SAGOTH reign supreme as true masters of the cosmos! All hail the Kings of True Britannic War-Metal... ALL HAIL BAL-SAGOTH!!!!!

1 - The awakening of the stars
2 - The voyagers beneath the mare imbrium
3 - The empyreal lexicon
4 - Of carnage and a gathering of the wolves
5 - Callisto rising
6 - The source of the fourth celestial host
7 - Behold, the armies of war descend screaming from the heavens!
8 - The thirteen cryptical prophecies of Mu
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