DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Expositionsprophylaxe

Sortie le: 1990-04-05

Nuclear Blast were known to release some of the most brutal death/grind bands in the late 80s and early 90s and some hardcore stuff. Fortunately, there were some exceptions such as WINTER and DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. I picked up this reissue in a used CD shop because I remembered having heard 'Not To Be Undimensional Conscious' and being favorably pleased. Still, I was not a fan of the genre at the time and didn't own the album. DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA's style is a mix of death and grindcore of the most unusual kind. The band is not blasting its way through the 23 tracks that can be found on this reissue. On the contrary, and that's where they are original, the trio have spiced up their music with a lot of variations and disjointed riffs to make listening to 'Expositionprophylaxe' an interesting experience. For fear of unleashing the tech-metal fanatics on my humble person, I won't say D.O. is playing technical metal. Especially since the guitar is rather straightforward. On the other hand, the rhythmic section is clearly composed of very talented musicians and it can be heard on each and every song. The drummer is certainly standing out as the driving force of this band, constantly changing drum patterns. Tech-metal they may not be, but this band is certainly progressive. The vocal is your usual death grunt/shout style. Nothing against the vocals as it suits the style of the music. The production is a bit weak as the whole affair doesn't sound very powerful despite the fact that the music does sound intense and should be in a live environment. It could be intentional as I have read somewhere that when describing their music at the time, a qualitative they used was 'non-violent'. When you hear the album, you understand what they meant although there is no melodies to be found on this album. The guitar has a noisy, grinding and distorted sound to it that I like. There are twenty-three tracks on this CD reissue. The last six were previously only available on a spit LP with PUNGENT STENCH released in 1989. After listening more attentively to those six last tracks, I can say that despite being older, they fore shadow the music on 'Expositionprophylaxe' and the sound is as good as the rest of the album although a bit more grittier. Hearing 'Expositionprophylaxe' after twelve years, I think this is an album that aged well. DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA has reformed and will play festivals and compose new songs. They have added a new member to the band, "m phasis" that will handle the electronic parts of their music. I'm leery of electronics in metal but I'll suspend judgment until I hear the new material.