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SATYRICON - Rebel Extravaganza

Sortie le: 1999-09-06

When SATYRICON released their debut DARK MEDIEVAL TIMES in 1994 nobody could foresee the sheer size the underground cult black metal would reach one day. But size doesn't equal quality, a fact that Satyr, the band's charismatic and controversal spokesman, never fails to highlight. Five years and three albums later SATYRICON are one of the few grand old norwegian black metal bands that remains in strict opposition to the ongoing sellout of a musical genre that to them represents philosophy and lifestyle in one, whereas many of their descendents just see quick success in a cool trendy genre.

Therefore the REBEL EXTRAVAGANZA takes aim at weak poseurs within their own scene as well as at mankind in general. Satyr describes REBEL EXTRAVAGANZA as his 'most misantrophic album'. Luckily he didn't search seclusion in inaccessible artistic expressions. Together with his longterm partner-in-crime Frost on drums and help from first class musicians from the black metal scene and beyond (such as Snorre (Thorns), Fenriz (Darkthrone), the norwegian trance artist Ra or the musical actress and singer Trine Svensen) he recorded the album in Oslo's Ambient Studio. It's an album that keeps the traditions of black metal alive, but at the same time it strengthens the venerable monster with fresh blood. Industrial effects and even a hammond organ add the right dose of extravaganze to the grim black metal inferno, they add novelty without compromising the integrity of the music. SATYRICON cleverly perceived that in a morass of satanic ultrafast keyboard-wielding youngsters it`s not those that play even more evil,faster and bombastic music that prove their authority. It's those that take a vision from a body living the thing called black metal for years and turn it into music, and never look left nor right in the process.SATYRICON are not here to please a crowd raised on Dimmu Borgir or Cradle Of Filth, they are here to shatter those people's confidence that these largely successful bands are the be-all and end-all of blackmetal. Everybody should say yes to REBEL EXTRAVAGANZA - not only because SATYRICON deliver a frighteningly perfect modern black metal album, also because the scene needs a statement like this: wild, extreme, uncommercial... and full of magic.Robert Müller (HAMMER), July 1999

Liste des titres
1 - Tied In Bronze Chains
2 - Filthgrinder
3 - Rhapsody In Filth
4 - Havoc Vulture
5 - Prime Evil Renaissance
6 - Supersonic Journey
7 - End Of Journey
8 - A Moment Of Clarity
9 - Down South, Up North
10 - The Scorn Torrent