Live & Plugged Vol.2


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Live & Plugged Vol.2

Sortie le: 1997-08-01

"Live&Plugged Vol.2 is a homevideo that gives you an in-depth look on two of the most successful bands on NUCLEAR BLAST. The chartbreaking DIMMU BORGIR can be seen on their sold-out "The Gods of Darkness"-tour. Filmed in Cologne (Live Music Hall) on the 31st of March, 1997.Additionally to these album tracks you can see the video-clip of "Mourning Palace" and some Interview bits. DISSECTION also played their part on the "The G.O.F.D."-tour. With the fantastic "Storm of the lights bane"-album in the can, DISSECTION had the audience on their side. The gloomy and aggressive show is dramatically filmed and perfect banned on tape. To complete this second part of our homevideo-series "LIVE&PLUGGED" the videoclip of DISSECTION´s "Where Dead Angles Lie is featured after their live-show.