Live & Plugged Vol.1


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Live & Plugged Vol.1

Sortie le: 1997-04-01

"LIVE & PLUGGED" is a homevideo that gives you an in-depth look on three of the most promising new bands on the NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS rooster, IN FLAMES being the most prominent of them, with two albums and a mini-CD to date. But EVEREVE and DARKSEED have yet earned great admiration from both the media and the fans for their NB debut albums. IN FLAMES were filmed live on December 11th, 1996 at the Klangwerk in Aschaffenburg, Germany while they were on tour with ATROCITY. The DARKSEED and EVEREVE live-sets were shot on Januray 25th, 1997 while supporting AMORPHIS at the Zeche Carl, in Essen, Germany. Besides stunning live performances, this tape contains also interview sequences with all three bands and their latest videoclips - "Artifacts Of The Black Rain" (IN FLAMES), "Fall Whatever Falls" (DARKSEED) and "The Bride wears Black" (EVEREVE). PREPARE YOURSELF FOR MORE THAN ONE HOUR OF NUCLEAR ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!