Beware the heavens


SINERGY - Beware the heavens

Sortie le: 1999-06-21

The idea of SINERGY was first formed in August 1997 by Kimberly and Jesper. Originally it was only intended to be a side project of them as they both had obligations to fullfill with their other bands. After Kimberly’s departure from DIMMU BORGIR she decided to relocate to Gothenburg, Sweden to turn Sinergy into a full time band with a complete line-up. Having recruited Alexi (CHILDREN OF BODOM) on lead guitar and new drummer Ronny Milianowicz, this all-star cast of musicians was finally completed in March 1998 with the induction of MERCYFUL FATE’s Sharlee D’Angelo on bass guitar. The band has now finished the recording of their debut album entitled „Beware the heavens“ which is due for release on Nuclear Blast Record in April, 1999. After the album is released they plan to do extensive touring and will then use a session keyboardist for live purposes, allowing Kimberly to be the frontwoman. As this band contains members of other strong bands, Kimberly is prepared with back up musicians for touring, just in case someone from the recording line-up is unable to make it. One back up guitarist which they have already confirmed is Chris Amott from ARCH ENEMY. Musically you should expect to hear Heavy Metal the SINERGY way, accompaning powerful female vocals and guitar solos which would even impress Mr. Malmsteen. SINERGY will obviously also inherit some influence from the other bands in which the members play in, although staying true to their brand of metal. In closing this, please keep in mind that SINERGY is a full time band and absolutely not a side project.

Liste des titres
1 - Venomous Vixens
2 - The fourth world
3 - Born under fire and passion
4 - The warrior princess
5 - Beware the heavens
6 - Razorblade salvation
7 - Swarmed
8 - Pulsation
9 - Virtual future