GODGORY - Resurrection

Sortie le: 1999-05-10

When Erik and Matte Anderson founded the band GODGORY in August 1992 they played merely cover versions of bands like Napalm Death, Entombed and Grave. It wasn’t even a year before they got fed up of that and started writing their own material. In April 1994 they recorded their first demo which aroused the attention of a small German label. After the departure of several band members, new musicians had to be found and in November 1994 the band entered the Unisound Studio, with a new line up and recorded their debut CD "Sea of Dreams" which was released in January 1996. After that there was no holding them and the band were in the same studio again, as early as October 1996 to record their second album "Shadow’s dance". Consequently in Sweden the band achieved their big break thus celebrated by the Press and loved by the fans. Nuclear Blast had their eye on the band for years and after the Swedes saw no chance of progress with their old label, they accepted the proposed offer without hesitation. However, GODGORY’s line up had never been stable and only the founders Matte and Erik remained at this point. Due to this they decided to work solely with session or live musicians in future. In October 1998 they entered the Fassaden Studio to record a song for the "Death... Is Just The Beginning" and "Beauty In Darkness" compilation. "Conspiracy" was as surprisingly calm yet undoubtedly convincing song. Shortly after that, they returned to the same studio to commence recording for their Nuclear Blast debut "Ressurection" which even surpassed it’s predecessor. There’s no doubt that GODGORY’s path leads straight to the top.

Liste des titres
1 - Resurrection
2 - Crimson snow
3 - Adultery
4 - My dead dreams
5 - Death in black
6 - Collector of tears
7 - Waiting for lunacy to find me
8 - Princess of the dawn