The Nature of Evil


SINNER - The Nature of Evil

Sortie le: 1998-07-27

Not only since the most recent chart successes of rival bands from our Germany is it a fact that Metal "Made in Germany" is on the march. A further indication of this is the new album from SINNER, who second to the Scorpions are the longest standing German melodic metal band. But unlike their colleagues, they did not drift into the world of pop and never made the mistake of constantly conforming to new trends. Sinner always remained true to themselves and in 1997, following several bleak years during the punk and crossover period, they released their most successful album to date, "Judgement Day" and impressively played their way into the ears and hearts of an ever increasing headbanger fraction."The nature of evil", the latest and ninth studio album of the "Sinners" is finally going to get the band where they belong - at the peak of the German Heavy Metal scene! Critics and fans who have already been able to listen to the album were practically bursting with enthusiasm and are all of the opinion that this is the best, hardest and maturest album of the band’s 15 year history. Songs like "Devils River", "A question of honour" or the title song, which is bound to be a hit, easily confirm this opinion and "Dark Soul" is probably the hardest and most sinister song in Sinner history. "The sun goes down" by Phil Lynott is a tribute to one of the greatest artists and songwriters of rock history whose band Thin Lizzy never received the acclaim they deserved.The album, produced by Mat Sinner himself, enthralls through its compact and mature composition that is probably unique in the melodic Heavy Metal scene. Everyone who has heard this album can be sure to have been infected by a virus, which can never be shaken. Full of enthusiasm and pride they will be yelling: I AM A SINNER!

Liste des titres
1 - Devils river
2 - A question of honour
3 - Justice from hell
4 - The nature of evil
5 - Some truth
6 - Darksoul
7 - Faith and conviction
8 - Rising
9 - Walk on the Darkside
10 - Trust no one
11 - The sun goes down