Mono...or will it ever be the way it used to be


PYOGENESIS - Mono...or will it ever be the way it used to be

Sortie le: 1998-11-02

First class Power Pop - that´s Pyogenesis! The three congenial guys from the sunny southern part of Germany have set their sights on conquering the world. And things are looking pretty good for After releasing the previous album "Unpop", last year, they achieved during a grand total of 144 shows, an indescribable reputation as an enjoyable, funfilled Live band, who seemingly steal the girls´ hearts and enthuse Power pop fans with relative ease. Pyogenesis were able to prove their exeptional quality at several large events like Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, Bizzare Festival and Supercrash where they effortlessly played their way into the hearts (and ears!) of the audience. The enthusiasm surrounding the Power pop band even reaches as far as Mexico which led to Pyogenesis being flown to Mexico City to present a firework of fun for their countless Latin American fans and maintain their chart topping position(# 1) in the Mexican Import charts.In the meantime, Pyogenesis have recorded a new album entitled "mono....or will it ever be the way it used to be". Flo, Tim and Wolle have actually managed to add the cream to the coffee. With their undeniable feel for the perfect song and the almost effortless combination of the sweetest melody and catchy chord sequences, Pyogenesis reveal another 13 Power-pop gems which they´ve had hidden up their sleeves. Pyogenesis have definitly got the balance right which is heightened by the unmistakable vocal duell between Flo and Tim.

Liste des titres
1 - Fake it
2 - Drive me down
3 - She's the bomb
4 - You push me
5 - Will it ever be
6 - I thought
7 - Just ironic
8 - Would you take
9 - The needs
10 - My saline eyes
11 - I remember
12 - I spite of it
13 - Africa