Reckless ‘Till The End


TASTERS - Reckless ‘Till The End

Sortie le: 2011-09-16

Hailing from the seaside town of Livorno, Italy, Metalcore outfit TASTERS (formerly known as Taster’s Choice) blasted out of their serene surroundings touting a blend of metal riffing, punishing breakdowns, mixed growl and screaming vocals and electronic elements. The band was formed in 1999 and released two full-length albums - “Shining” in 2005 (Shark Records/ Gencross Records) and “The Rebirth” in 2009 (Bagana Records) - of which the video for the single “Make Your Game” (directed by Salvatore”Xavy” Perrone) was taken and brought on air at some of the best Italian and European rock channels. During this period, Tasters built up a respectable reputation in the Italian Metalcore scene, opening for Cancer Bats, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sonic Syndicate, Evergreen Terrace, Terror, Aiden and other American bands who were touring abroad. When the time came to do some traveling on their own, from December 2009 on Tasters started touring outside Italy, hitting the United Kingdom with Scottish metalheads Bleed From Within in December 2009, as headliner in February/March 2010 and touring Russia three times with a total of more than 50 incredible gigs, building up a huge fan base in the former USSR countries. At the end of 2010 the band released the video of “Please destroy this world”( again directed by Salvatore “Xavy” Perrone) on BlankTV , which was the first single taken from the band's new full-length album “Reckless till the end” (recorded, mastered and mixed at Adrenaline studio in Livorno by the band's singer and sound engineer Daniele Nelli and Davide Bitozzi). Additionally, in 2011 TASTERS again were invited to play in Russia for another 22 shows. They traveled the whole tour by car, driving more than 22.000 km from the North of Italy to Ukraine, Russia, Siberia and back. As a reward for the incredible hard work, consisting of tons of shows, producing videos, recording the third album "Reckless Till The End", doing photo shootings, designing artworks, spreading the word on social platforms, coming up with new ideas and much more, TASTERS finally got their well-deserved record deal at Nuclear Blast. The album will be released worldwide in September of 2011.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Katherine's Got A Secret 4:05
2 - Please Destroy This World 3:58
3 - Thanks For This Precious Gift 4:24
4 - Sleeping With Spirits 4:10
5 - Dead Roses 3:15
6 - Falling Away With A Last Remembrance 3:27
7 - How Easy To Die (Smile If You Can) 3:48
8 - Shadows 4:56
9 - Fight If Your Heart Is Broken 3:50
10 - Lonely 2:22
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