Dead In My Arms


CARNIFEX - Dead In My Arms

Sortie le: 2007-07-12 (publié par This City Is Burning)

The non-stop touring and methodical songwriting eventually resulted in CARNIFEX selling over 15,000 copies of their first full-length album, »Dead in My Arms«, with little publicity.
Unsurprisingly, industry types started to notice; however, none as quickly as Victory Records.

Liste des titres
1 - Intro
2 - These Thoughts Became Cages
3 - Slit Wrist Savior
4 - Hope Dies with the Decadent
5 - Lie to My Face
6 - Love Lies in Ashes
7 - A Winter in Remorse
8 - Collaborating Like Killers
9 - My Heart in Atrophy
10 - Dead in My Eyes
11 - Dead in My Arms
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