All prices in this online shop in Euro. If not otherwise indicated, all prices include 19% / 7% VAT (value added tax). EEC: For customers outside Germany (excluding Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland and Italy), the prices in the online shop are valid and no other costs will be incurred (except postal charges). For shipments to the mentioned countries before, the prices shown in the online shop will be reduced by the German VAT, and the local VAT will then be added. For shipments outside the EEC all Prices in the online shop are total prices. They do not include any taxes.

Cash-on-delivery is only possible for Germany and Austria. For all other countries only advance payments are accepted. If we don’t get the money within 3 weeks, the order will be cancelled! When ordering, please pay by Advanced Money Transfer (Bank account: swift code: GENO DE S1VGP, IBAN: DE26610605000107721023, Volksbank Göppingen, Germany). We only accept EU standard transfer (including IBAN and swift code), otherwise the transfer tax will be charged to your account!
Or use a credit card (Master-/Eurocard or VISA) or your PayPal account. It is absolutely necessary to provide us with your telephone number, so that we may contact you if there are problems with your order.

Country Shipping and handling
Belgique Belgium 7,50 EUR
Bulgarie Bulgaria 16,00 EUR
Danemark Denmark 10,00 EUR
Estonie Estonia 16,00 EUR
Finlande Finland 14,00 EUR
France France 10,00 EUR
Grèce Greece 14,00 EUR
Angleterre United Kingdom 10,00 EUR
Irlande Ireland 14,00 EUR
Italie Italy 14,00 EUR
Canada Canada 22,00 EUR
Lettland Lativa 16,00 EUR
Luxembourg Luxembourg 7,50 EUR
Pays-Bas Netherlands 7,50 EUR
Norvège Norway 20,00 EUR
Austriche Austria 7,50 EUR (Normal) / 18,00 EUR (cash on delivery)
Pologne Poland 13,00 EUR
Portugal Portugal 14,00 EUR
Roumanie Romania 16,00 EUR
Suède Sweden 14,00 EUR
Suisse Switzerland 13,00 EUR
Slovaquie Slovakia 13,00 EUR
Slovénie Slovenia 13,00 EUR
Espagne Spain 14,00 EUR
République Tschèque Czech Republic 10,00 EUR
Hongrie Hungary 16,00 EUR
All other countries
28,00 EUR
Bank account:
Swiftcode GENO DE S1VGP
IBAN DE26610605000107721023
Bank Volksbank Göppingen, Germany

If you have any further questions:
E-Mail: customerservice@nuclearblast.de
Telephone: +49 (0)7162 / 9280-596
Telefax: +49 (0)7162 / 24556

IMPORTANT TO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE EEC – ADDITIONAL CUSTOM CHARGES: Our shipping charges do not include any custom charges, including VAT that your government may collect on imports. If your package is subject to these charges, it will be your responsibility to complete the payment to receive your package!

To our customers from Italy:
Ai sensi delle recenti modifiche legislative aventi effetto dal 01.01.2007 (Art. 37, comma 8, D.L. 223/06), siamo obbligati ad indicare su tutte le fatture di vendita il realtivo codice fiscale del cliente italiano. Vi preghiamo, pertanto, di fornirci detta indicazione al più tardi in occasione del prossimo ordine d'acquisto.

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