Progressive Metal

"Progressive Metal is the melting of the genres Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock and Psychedelic Rock that came up in the 80s in the US and reached high popularity in the 90s.
In the mid-eighties, Metal bands like Queensryche, Fates Warning and Watchtower integrated elements of the Progressive Rock to their music and thus built the cornerstone of Progressive Metal. Due to the great success of those bands within the Metal scene, a second wave of Progressive Metal Bands was created.
The most successful Progressive Metal band Dream Theater founded the base of this second wave with their second album Images And Words from 1989. Pain of Salvation, Symphony X or Ayreon were founded in this time and had great impact on the genre since they all brought another musical styles in and all played their destinguished way of Progressive Metal.
Progressive Metal typically contains features as complex song structures, artistic connections of several themes, lots of breaks, speed changes, complex rhythmic patterns, virtuous skills of the musicians, and often long tracks as well as concept albums."

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