Heavy Metal

The genre Heavy Metal has its root in Hardrock. Typical attributes are distorted guitars, shouts and a high sound volume because of the amplifiers. Founder of this music are bands like Saxon, Judas Priest, Motörhead and Iron Maiden. Back in the 70’s and 80’s while the scene was growing, Heavy Metal became one of the most successful genres in Rock music. The song „Born To Be Wild” from Steppenwolf was the first time the definition „Heavy Metal” was used. At the end of the 70’s Heavy Metal had its breakthrough in Great Britain by the name „New Wave Of British Heavy Metal“. At the same time the German Metal band Scorpions had unexpected success and in Australia AC/DC was founded, which became and is still adored and one of the most successful bands ever. In the mid-eighties Heavy Metal was separated in innumerable variants because of the big commercial success. Due to the fact that every band had its own style, a lot of subgenres came into existence. But in reality you only can differentiate them conditionally.

Heavy Metal bands

Heavy Metal bands are for example:

and more!

Power Metal

Power Metal came up in the USA as a subgenre of Heavy Metal. In spite of the high tempo, this genre is more harmonious and contains a better structured and plainer melody. However chords are played more slowly. The lyrics, which are often about war and myths, are pronounced clearly. Ronnie James Dio, who became famous in the 80s, is cofounder of Power Metal. Other bands playing Power Metal are e.g. Dragonforce, Manowar and Firewind. Power Metal was separated in two variants: European and American. The American Power Metal is characterized by its higher vocals and the bigger attention to war than the European Power Metal, which contains optimistic and positive lyrics. The European version is more popular because of the many ballads and the rather classic style.

Power Metal bands

Power Metal bands are for example:

and many more!