Grindcore is known as one of the most extreme styles of Hardcore Punk and Metal and was developed from Crustcore. Grindcore came into existence in the mid 80s in Great Britain and the USA, which is still home of the most famous and popular Grindcore Bands.
Characteristics are the chaotic structures, very high and low vocals, low-tuned stringed instruments and the short duration of the songs (The band Napalm Death holds the Guinness world record for the shortest recorded song).
Characteristic for the genre is the use of blast beats as well – a very fast technique playing drums.
However, most of the early Grindcore bands feel more related to Punk than Metal. An approaching to Metal genres like Death Metal, which is often erroneously listed as root, became not obvious until the early 90s, when many Grindcore bands took over the visual and lyrical elements of the horror movie genre.

Grindcore bands

Related bands are for example:

- Napalm Death
- Repulsion
- Terrorizer
- Carcass
- Anal Cunt

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