Gamma Ray

After Kai Hansen left Helloween, he founded Gamma Ray. That was back in 1988 when Gamma Ray started to send their Power Metal into the world. Ever since 1997, Gamma Ray's lineup besides Kai Hansen consist of Henjo Richter, Dirk Schlächter and Dan Zimmermann. Gamma Ray are one of the best known German Metal acts.


  • Heading for Tomorrow (1990)
  • Sigh No More (1991)
  • Insanity and Genius (1993)
  • Land of the Free (1995)
  • Somewhere Out in Space (1997)
  • Power Plant (1999)
  • No World Order (2001)
  • Majestic (2005)
  • Land of the Free II (2007)
  • To The Metal (2010)


Power Metal

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