Platters of splatter 4LP

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EXHUMED - Platters of splatter 4LP
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  • Vinyl-Boxset - 49.99 EUR
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  • Genre:Death Metal, Grindcore
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Limited to 400 vinyl box sets.

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EXHUMED fans rejoice! All those split 7"EPs and rarities you've been looking for have finally been compiled onto one massive collection, just for you! First time you have everything together on vinyl. One look at the track list will show you that this thing is about as full as it possibly could be, the complete playing time is over 140 minutes long and contains 66 tracks of fleshy, sickest, brutal and gorest grindcore. The first two LPs complies all of their split EPs with SANITYS DAWN, GADGET, NYCTOPHOBIC, RETALIATION, PANTALONES ABAJO MORENERO, NO COMPLY, PALE EXISTENCE also the hard to find split CD with HEMDALE and a lot of compilation tracks. The third and fourth LP compiles all their demos, their part of the "Chords Of Chaos" four way split and the "Excreting Innards" 7"EP. All tracks malignantly mastered / remastered by Mastermind Scott Hull (PIG DESTROYER). These vinyl edition comes in a deluxe LP Box and heavyweight 180 gr. vinyl. The box contains also massive information / linernotes etc.

Exhumed is an American death metal band from San Jose, California, most recently signed to Relapse Records. They were formed in 1990 and spent much of the ensuing decade hacking its way through numerous demos, split CDs, and EPs. The band finally recorded their debut album, the genre re-defining and critic-repulsing "Gore Metal" in 1998.
(Quelle/Origin: EXHUMED Bandcamp)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Horrendous Member Dismemberment
2 - Septicemia Festering Sphinctral Malignancy [Part II]
3 - Masochistic Copromania
4 - Necroveres: Decomposing The Inanimate
5 - Disinterred, Digested And Debauched
6 - Bone Fucker
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Track list Total runtime
1 - Totally Fucking Dead
2 - Dead Again
3 - Gory Melanoma
4 - Necro-Voyeur
5 - Indignities To The Dead
6 - Masterpieces
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Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro: A Purulent Prelude To Putrescent Pyosisification
2 - Excreting Innards
3 - Vagitarian
4 - Grotesque Putrefied Brains
5 - The Exquisite Flavour Of Gastro-Anal Tripe
6 - Sex, Drinks And Metal
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Track list Total runtime
1 - Grotesque Putrefied Brains
2 - Pyathrotic Discorporation
3 - Excreting Innards
4 - Festering Sphinctral Malignancy
5 - Perverse Innard Infestation
6 - Coital Mutilation
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