Draw back a stump

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PRIMATE - Draw back a stump
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Sick sounds in between BRUTAL TRUTH, DISCHARGE and MASTODON!

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I had been looking for a band with members in the same town with the same brain for years. I met Evan through an old friend... for the life of me - no idea how we did not know each other from younger and slimmer days... but he had played with Dave and Shayne from the ATL hardcore legends The Despised... I had known Dave from the bad hair days in the mid eighties Metroplex scene... When the Despised wrapped up a few months back... Dave reconnected with Evan and me... We rehearsed 2 or 3 times and immediately wrote a solid handful of songs... We quickly took on a few more tunes from Dave and Shayne's Curmudgeon project and played a gig opening for the Fang - Verbal Abuse - Capitalist Casualties tour... Around then Bill was wrapping up some stuff with Mastodon and was looking to fill in some other interests outside his thing... Boom that simple... The first time the five us entered the compound, I left stumbling... the volume was so brutal - my balance was shot for 3 or 4 days...

We spent a week or so tracking and re-tracking drums - seeing what would work at the compund.... which is effectively a rehearsal spot called Thunderbox. Guitars, bass and a few screams later - done... Bill has collected a few toys over the years and put them to use. The result is a couple of handfulls of songs that Sanford Parker mixed down in Chicago...

After the demo session, a friend of mine Adam Shore offered to do an ep and we recorded Draw Back A Stump at ??? with Tom Tapley... We mixed at Southern Tracks right before they shut there doors for good. The usual nail vetoed the release and we released it ourselves on our own label Primitive Recordings... At the start of the year, we played a handful of shows on the west coast and the scion fest... Shortly after returning, Bartleson was replaced by Mike Brennan on guitar and we did our cd release at the drunken unicorn...
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