Far beyond bootleg: Live from Donington '94

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PANTERA - Far beyond bootleg: Live from Donington '94
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Pantera have another 20th anniversary release up their sleeve this year in the form of “Far Beyond Bootleg – Live From Donington ’94“. You may recall this effort as beind the bonus live album featured with the recent 20th anniversary edition of the groups album “Far Beyond Driven“. In honor of the nearing June 04th 20th anniversary of the performance, it will be released on its own on vinyl on June 03rd via Rhino. As the title suggests, it captured a set the band played at the ‘Monsters of Rock Festival‘ in Donington, England back on June 04th of 1994.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Use My Third Arm
2 - Walk
3 - Strenght beyond strenght
4 - Domination-Hollow
5 - Slaughtered
6 - Fucking Hostile
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