Shit city

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LONELY KAMEL - Shit city
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  • Formate:LP
  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70ies, Hardrock
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From the BLAST! magazine:

This camel is certainly not a lone voice in the wilderness. Especially since LONELY KAMEL indeed sound like a desert, but in truth come from Norway. And obviously traditional Hard Rock can be produced quite exquisitely between fjords and endless forests, which sound nice, meaty and dry. On their fourth album the Norwegians act in the tension between Hard Rock from the seventies, Stoner Rock, Blues, Psychedelic and a dash of Doom. "We wanted this record as simple and cheap as possible record," joked frontman and guitarist Thomas Brenna recently, still actually it was the plan to merge the rhythm section live, in order to have more time for the detail work afterwards. Nine tracks with everything the genre has to offer: from the rough, punky title track, which has a certain punk attitude over extended jams to compact four-minute earwigs. And thus is clear: LONELY KAMEL clearly belong to the spearhead of the European Rocker scene.

Thomas Brenna - Vocals & Guitar
Lukas Paulsen - guitar & Backing Vocals
Stian Helle - Bass
Espen Nesset - Drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Shit City 3:51
2 - White Lines 3:54
3 - Is It Over? 4:18
4 - I Feel Sick 5:19
5 - Seal The Perimeter 4:21
6 - Freezing 6:04
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