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The passage

IRON MAN - The passage
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Would you like to hear classic Dio era BLACK SABBATH? Well, youve come to the right band. IRON MAN is by far the closest sounding band to BLACK SABBATH than anything else out there. Coming into the 2nd album, IRON MAN ended up replacing their singer Rob Levey with a different and arguably better singer, Dan Michalak. Dan sings in a much higher register than Rob did and this definitely pushes IRON MAN to the top of their game. Al Morris continues to write crushing riffs on this album and with the combination of that, plus the new singer, I see this album being a fan favorite.

Track list
Side A:
1. The Fury
2. Unjust Reform
3. The Gargoyle
4. Harvest of Earth
5. The Passage
6. Iron Warrior
Side B:
1. Freedom Fighters
2. Waiting for Tomorrow
3. Time of Indecision
4. Tony Stark
5. End of the World