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DETENTE - Recognize no authority BLUE VINYL US-IMPORT
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A true classic cult band in history, DÉTENTE may be best known for the vocal duties by Dawn Crosby who later appeared in Fear Of God in the nineties and the the fact that it is NU Metal Producer Ross Robinson handling guitar duties. DÉTENTE was formed in 1984 by Allies vocalist Dawn Crosby and drummer Dennis Butler who recorded a demo including the songs Vultures in the Sky and Shattered Illusion. After some shuffling of band members, the Recognize No Authority lineup of Crosby, Butler, guitarists Caleb Quinn and Ross Robinson, and bassist Steve Hochheiser was set. The group recorded a second demo which included Widow’s Walk and Holy War worked the clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco playing with such bands as DRI, COC, Legacy (Testament), Vio-lence, Megadeth, Dark Angel, and many others. In the mean time the band was becoming a favorite with fanzines around the world and such notable publications as Kerrang and Rock Hard and also began garnering much attention on various college radio programs quickly catching the attention of the various labels including Combat, Music for Nations, Metal Blade Records, and Roadrunner. After signing their record deal with Roadrunner, DÉTENTE recorded Recognize No Authority. In the studio cracks in the band develop due to personality differences and an extremely tight schedule. The near constant turmoil between Dawn Crosby and producer, Dana Strum, endangered the project, but somehow the record is finished and released to critical praise. Hitting record stores in 1986, Recognize No Authority is unique for it’s day featuring some of the most frantic speed/thrash metal with punk overtones, a style strongly characterized by the heavy, screaming yet stylish guitars, pounding bass lines, and the totally unrestrained vocals by Dawn Crosby who practically screams her lungs out on tracks like Holy War and Shattered Illusions. Unlike many of thier peers DÉTENTE also offered a unique perspective. Instead of the typical lust and hate lyrics that were offered by many of the 80's thrash metal bands DÉTENTE focused on the political and social edge of metal and searched for meaning by asking unpopular questions. While the "Blood I Bleed" focused on the exploitation of women "Holy War" questioned the Middle East conflict. Sales are good in Europe but the band was licensed to Metal Blade in the USA where virtually no marketing is put into the album resulting in weak sales. DÉTENTE plays a few more gigs, ending with a show at the Country Club in Reseda. Then the band decides to take a break. Dennis has a work-related accident with acid, getting burned over a large part of his body. Dawn goes to Europe on a promotional tour. The individual members of the band go their own ways. This eventually leads to Steve and Ross forming Catalepsy while Dawn and Dennis eventually form Fear of God.

Vocals: Dawn Crosby
Guitar: Caleb Quinn
Guitar: Ross Robinson
Bass: Steve Hochheiser
Drums: Dennis Butler

Track list
Side A:
1. Losers
2. Russian Roulette
3. It's Your Fate
4. Holy War
5. Catalepsy
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