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Limited Edition Gatefold 2-LP on 180g black vinyl incl. 2 bonus tracks and live acoustic set. GRAVE DIGGER, THE Heavy Metal band from the glorious 80s is back! After touring through all over the world and several full-length albums in the past three decades, the band shows us their very best and hardest side: „Return of The Reaper“, back to the roots and dedicated to the band's classic such as "Heavy Metal Breakdown" (1984), "Witch Hunter" (1985) and "The Reaper" (1993). Dynamic, powerful and unique, that’s why Grave Digger is still one of the very best metal bands and enjoys a leading role, when it comes to good old Heavy Metal!

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STRIKER carry on the tradition of consistently high level first-class Heavy Metal bands hailing from Canada. Imagine a mixture of Exciter and Savage Grace, intertwined with newer influences of Steelwing or Enforcer, that is what can be expected of the new album City Of Gold. STRIKER pay homage to the classic Speed Metal, but also work with great Maiden twin guitar harmonies. "It's about Heavy Metal and a good time," says singer Dan Cleary about the band’s philosophy. "If you’re having a party at your house, then put our CD into the player and drinksome beer. This music is exactly made for suchmoments.” Producer Fredrik Nordström has created a traditional and modern Heavy Metalsound with hymns like 'Taken By Time', 'City Of Gold' or 'Bad Decisions'!

Dan Cleary - Lead Vocals
Tim Brown- Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Chris Segger - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Adam Brown - Drums
William Wallace - Bass

Track list Total runtime
1 - Underground 3:00
2 - City Of Gold 4:51
3 - Start Again 4:26
4 - Bad Decisions 3:58
5 - Crossroads 4:23
6 - All For One 3:25
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Track list Total runtime
1 - All I Want 4:18
2 - Rise Up 3:28
3 - Taken By Time 4:58
4 - Two Minutes To Midnight 6:01
5 - Watching You 3:56
6 - Roll With The Punches 3:58
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