Gary Holt - A lesson in guitar violence

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EXODUS - Gary Holt - A lesson in guitar violence
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A slightly different learning DVD with Gary Holt, the originator of the Thrash Metal guitar: Learn some of EXODUS' best riffs along with tuition on scales, single string technique, rhythm, whammy bar technique and much more. Suitable for beginner, intermediate and seasoned guitarists. Incl. bonus live footage of EXODUS from 1985.

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You wont understand the genealogy of thrash metal if you dont discuss the power and influence of the Bay Area thrash scene. And you cant understand the Bay Area thrash scene without discussing the power and influence of the scenes founding fathers, Exodus!! This is founding member / lead guitarist / songwriter-in-chief Gary Holts first instructional DVD, outlining the raw, heart-racing, guitar riffs & solos that give exodus music its soul. Beginner, intermediate and seasoned guitar players will be introduced to some of his favorite licks and scale patterns, as well as rhythm technique and whammy bar mayhem. As an added bonus itll all be tinged with Garys trademarked sense of humor.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Lesson 1
2 - Lesson 2
3 - Lesson 3
4 - Lesson 4
5 - Outakes
6 - Bonus
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