Double live Dynamo

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EXODUS - Double live Dynamo
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Two pieces of Thrash Metal history. Two gigs of EXODUS at the legendary Dynamo-Festival! Features 22 tracks (including two previously unreleased songs: "Hells' Breath" and "Deathrow"). Includes bonus sound check footage. Total running time of over three hours.

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This DVD is one of the very limited and extremely rare taped Exodus performances with the founding father of Exodus Paul Baloff recorded at the legendary Dynamo Club and Dynamo Open Air Festival (80,000 people) in Holland. These Exodus concerts from 1985 and 1997 will blow away longtime fans and hammer home to newcomers the raw roots of thrash metal.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Exodus
2 - Bonded by blood
3 - And then there were none
4 - Hell's breath
5 - Deliver us to evil
6 - Solo-Rick
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