Steelhammer- Live in Moscow

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U.D.O. - Steelhammer- Live in Moscow
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  • DVD + 2CD - 18.99 EUR
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  • Version:DVD + 2CD
  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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Russia has a special meaning for Udo Dirkschneider and his band U.D.O.. They were one of the very first international artists to tour the huge country of Russia - and their fans are still very thankful until this day. So recording a LIVE DVD to highlight the “Steelhammer” tour was an opportunity the band didn’t want to miss. It is the first LIVE release of U.D.O.’s new line-up which easily convinced fans and critics alike on recent festivals and headlining gigs. The band comes up with an exceptional setlist, incl. many classics that haven’t been played for a long time, fan favorites and tracks from the recent success album “Steelhammer”. U.D.O. once again prove why they are hailed as one of the best European live bands. “Steelhammer – Live In Moscow” will be available as DVD/2-CD, Bluray/2-CD and triple-Vinyl in Russian national colors (tricolor).

Disc 1
Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 1:33
2 - Steelhammer 3:22
3 - King of Mean 3:40
4 - Future Land 5:00
5 - Cry of a nation 5:21
6 - Trip to nowhere 4:46
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Disc 2
Track list Total runtime
1 - No limits 4:08
2 - Mean machine 10:52
3 - Burning heat 3:32
4 - Metal machine 4:40
5 - Devil's bite 5:19
6 - Go back to hell 4:21
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Disc 3
Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro
2 - Steelhammer
3 - King of Mean
4 - Future Land
5 - Cry of a nation
6 - Trip to nowhere
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