Lords of depravity Part I

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SODOM - Lords of depravity Part I
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These guys really did their research! The history of SODOM, documented on two DVDs with five hours of interviews and never-before-seen-footage. This is Thrash history!

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Gelsenkirchen. Germany’s most picturesque municipality – if you’re into heavy industry, mining and soccer, that is. But next to its main exports (formerly coal, these days redundant miners), this quiet little town in the heart of the Ruhr area has another successful export that may be less well-known among the general public, but is nonetheless extremely popular on the international metal scene: SODOM.

Here, bang in the middle of this industrial Babylon, three ambitious devotees of canned beer and heavy metal got together some 27 years ago, donning the trust-inspiring aliases of Angelripper, Grave Violator and Witchhunter to rise from the morbid working-class Moloch and delight the world with their musical creations. Although their musical talent in the ideological wake of the likes of Motörhead, Venom and German crooner Harald Juhnke was more or less limited to consuming a crate of beer before turning the amps on full blast, the “concept” of torturing their instruments as fast as possible, as loudly as possible and with as little complexity as possible worked. The sound of these three forerunners of the cultural apocalypse, more than just a little unconventional at the time, went down extremely well with all those who considered Iron Maiden too musically advanced and Venom too slow.

SODOM the way they were and will continue to be: loud, raw, brutal, unadulterated and full on. From the very first to the last note, from opener to encore, all fucking night long.
SPV now releases an incredible Double DVD of the thrash heroes.

Tom Angelripper - Vocals, Bass
Bernemann - Guitar
Bobby Schottkowski - Drums


25.08.2005 (N) BERGEN / Hole In The Sky Festival
26.08.2005 (D) HOFHEIM / Outer Limits Special
30.09.2005 (S)+(FIN) "METAL FERRY" / 34.000 Tons Metal

"Lords of Depravity Tour" 2005 (DVD Präsentation + meet & greet)
14.09.05 - (D) Adelsheim, Live Factory
15.09.05 - (D) München, Backstage
16.09.05 - (D) Hannover, Faust
17.09.05 - (D) Flensburg, Roxy

US-Tour 2006
06.01.2006 (USA) SPRINGFIELD; VA / Jaxx
07.01.2006 (USA) POUGHKEEPSIE; NY / The Chance
08.01.2006 (USA) NEW YORK; NY / BB King´s
09.01.2006 (CND) MONTREAL / Medley
10.01.2006 (CND) QUEBECK CITY / L´imerial
11.01.2006 (CND) TORONTO / The Opera House

Track list Total runtime
1 - Historical Depravity 8:52
2 - Historical Depravity 4:01
3 - Historical Depravity 5:45
4 - Historical Depravity 19:22
5 - Historical Depravity 3:30
6 - Historical Depravity 11:21
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Track list Total runtime
1 - Intro 3:36
2 - Among The Weircong (Mixclip) 5:12
3 - Voice Of Killing (Sofia) 4:27
4 - Outbreak Of Evil (Sofia) 3:08
5 - Masquerade In Blood (Sofia) 3:15
6 - The Saw Is The Law 4:03
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