Home is where the blood is

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BLEEDING OUT THE RAGE - Home is where the blood is
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Metalcore and Deathcore from Donzdorf, Germany - the home of Nuclear Blast.

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Most of the time newcomer bands still need some time to get professionalism. Bleeding Out The Rage put that time behind them as quick as possible and are ready for more. MUCH more.

Bleeding Out The Rage was founded in 2008 in Donzdorf, Nuclear Blasts very own home and metal metropolis. After releasing a demo tape in 2011, the 4 guys started finding and creating their own style.
After lots of songwriting and many sleepless rehearsal nights, new songs (which are available on their EP “Home is where the Blood is”) had been finished. On this record, the 4 members show their wide range and prove, that next to hard and heavy stuff, they’re more than capable of calm ballads.
Right now, Bleeding Out The Rage are working on their new album, which will be even better and more sophisticated, than every other thing so far. According to the guys, the new tracks will be more brutal but at the same time more melodic and we can definitely get ready for something big. B.O.T.R. like never before!
Their musical style covers a large area of metal. Both heavy, and core, as well as thrash, power and many other genre fans discover thrilling and amazing parts or songs in Bleeding Out The Rage’s music. The core of their remarkable sound is the lineup, bringing the single preferences and characteristics of every band member into the songs.
Starting with Thomas Leichtle, a stunning guitarist combining technique and style and being shaped by many influences. Those reaching from the greatest of all time like AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Pantera, up to younger bands like Carnifex, Five Finger Death Punch and many more. Despite many similarities, he’s keeping his own style alive, which burns itself into your memory after only a few seconds.
Next up Marlon Reichert. The band’s drummer impresses with unbelievably clean and accurate play. A brutal double bass, aimed snare use, incredible combinations of toms and cymbals, and most of all a brilliant mix of fast, monstrous or just as well slow and halting rhythms. No matter what kind of speed or brutality his drumming contains, the details are what make the difference.
Then there’s Conny Stock. He’s one of the bass players who definitely don’t confirm the stereotypes. Fast precise sounds, slaps, slides and perfect timing are what make him a high class musician. His inspirations come from great bands such as Metallica and Iron Maiden (“A challenge that seems manageable, isn’t a challenge.”), but also from those, following a completely different pattern.
The vocal variety is brought in by vocalist Falk Critelli. His style is a tremendous combination of clean vocals, dark growls and tearing screams. Thrilling choruses you will never get out of your mind, and verses not letting go of your brain; That’s his specialty. With impressive lyrics and amazing songwriting, he completes Bleeding Out The Rage.
A band we will hear a lot from.

Track list
1. It's Not A Flu
2. Eye Of The Crow
3. Separating Oceans
4. One Last Breath
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