The focusing blur

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VINTERSORG - The focusing blur
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Meister VINTERSORG überrascht auf dem sechsten Album mit einem Mix aus progressiven und folkloristischen Elementen.

More info:

VINTERSORG emerged in 1994 as VARGATRON (Wolfethrone). The band's goal was to allow for innovation by blending clean vocals, acoustic guitars and heavy riffs — nowadays a common practice — and thus, bring about new dimensions to the black metal genre. Following the typical line-up changes, the band reached a standstill in 1996 prompting Vintersorg to bid farewell to his colleagues and continue on his own. He promptly recorded a demo and was soon picked up by NAPALM RECS, the same label that had already signed Vintersorg's other claim to fame, OTYG.

Satisfied with the outcome of the 1998 MCD entitled Hedniskhjärtad (Pagan-hearted), Vintersorg began writing new material for his first full-length recording, Till Fjälls (Up in the Mountains). Vintersorg's passion for folk music became obvious with this release, as with the follow up, Ödemarkens Son (1999).

VINTERSORG returned in 2000 with an outstanding new release entitled Cosmic Genesis. The natural progression of the band's musical development soon gave way to the addition of a second guitarist, Mattias Marklund. The two musicians had been playing together for over ten years, so it was a logical step to forge a more permanent bond.

Cosmic Genesis continued to emphasize Vintersorg's personal exploration of unforged musical territories. The result was that of a more progressive gloomy atmosphere and diverse vocal styles and arrangements, while still retaining the old essence. Lyrically the album philosophically explores thoughts, questions, and observations regarding the essential forces of the infinite cosmos. Theorems influenced by Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler are a recurring theme of an album that can be described as contrasting the harsh and the beautiful, the cold and the warm, the spiritual and the physical, the earthly and unearthly.

Last years album Visions from the spiral generator had an even more progressive aura and a deeper melodism, guiding the listener through vaster spectra, but keeping a lot of the metal attitude put, the music was projected through a more sophisticated complexity, still energetic. It had many more forms of energy written all over it, and not just energy in the terms of punch and speed, it held other forms of it as well like “flowing” ”motion” “warmth”. Inspiration source? Cosmos in all its aspects. Everything from the old algebras in mathematics to the physical architecture of a mountain. Reflecting Vintersorgs analysis of that space is trapped in a formula called Pi, the abstraction in that can be the mother of spiral formations, which is the shape nature chooses to use when it creates, DNA, fingerprints, a pine cone, oil in water, the exhaled smoke from a cigarette, the face of a sun flower etc. Masters like Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect, Borknagar) and Steve Di Giorgio (Death, Testament, Controlled Denied…) were contacted to fulfil Vintersorg's artistic visions, and their skills contributed to the piece in a multi facetted way .That album attracted many new fans, which mostly occupies the Progressive communities.

Mr V himself had already composed the next album when Visions from the spiral generator reached the masses, and the idea this time was a concept album in its full shape. The album was named The Focusing Blur With a story that starts with the first track and is completed with the last. The music is even more diverse taking up all the previous Vintersorg elements, but putting them into new environments. More acoustic guitars, more vocal harmonies (Yes style), more extravagant guitar leads and fresh keyboard frameworks. Mr V and Mattias have built up a strong musical relationship during the last 12-15 years..something…so everything went very smooth in the whole creating process, with Mr V as the main composer, but with Mattias as a supervisor that gave his opinions on how thing could be handled. A good dialogue that shaped the album to what it is.

The two “wizards” Mickelson and Di Giorgio did once again contribute with their craft, the inspiring drum patterns and fretless bass wizardry, to complete the aim. This album became more melodic, and the folk influence shine forth as clearly as ever.

The recording of the last two albums have been very complex, using three-fours different studios in the three different countries, using three different formats. The studios used for Visions from the spiral generator-Ballerina Audio AB, Seven Stars, TopRoom and Nu-Tone. For The Focusing Blur -Ballerina Audio AB, Seven Stars, TopRoom and Waves.

The lyrical theme is based on theVintersorgian quest for the essence of Man, the complex connection between science and fate. Viewing macrocosm through a microscope.

Track list
1. Prologue Dialogue-the reason
2. The essence
3. The thesises seasons
4. Matrix odyssey
5. Star puzzled
6. A sphere in a sphere?
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