Until we are outnumbered

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THE KANDIDATE - Until we are outnumbered
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Jacob Bredahl (ex-HATESPHERE) meldet sich mit einem wahren Thrash Metal-Inferno zurück!

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Denmark has always been a reliable source of first-class thrash metal and The Kandidate substantiates this statement more than ever with their debut "Until We Are Outnumbered". Screamer Jacob Bredahl (ex HateSphere) and crew show the metal community just how it is done with high-velocity riffs, murderous grooves, furious leads, and rock-hard drumming crowned by merciless vocals. The Kandidate delivers a thrash metal inferno able to supply the genre with newfound energy. The tracks on "Until We Are Outnumbered" rage unabated, free of supurfluous embellishment, and will surely provide for a cherished dose of neckpain. In short, thrash metal followers will love this album!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Strenght Through Diversity 3:16
2 - Give up all hope 3:45
3 - Shut 'em up 3:09
4 - Distress and decay 2:16
5 - In hell 3:45
6 - ....We Conform To The Unrighteous 3:01
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