In the wake of collisions

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THE ARCANE ORDER - In the wake of collisions
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This crushing danish band mixes brutality and melody – no bullshit!

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By now it shouldn’t be a secret that Denmark has some quality metal acts to offer to the world. Consisting of (ex-)members of RAUNCHY, INVOCATOR, AUTUMN LEAVES, KOLDBORN and SUBMISSION, THE ARCANE ORDER is one of those acts, who made a name for themselves with the Jacob Hansen produced “The Machinery Of Oblivion” (2006) as well as live shows with TESTAMENT, SUFFOCATION and HATESPHERE among others. However, their success hasn’t motivated them to repeat themselves – their sophomore album “In The Wake Of Collisions” sets new standards for the New Wave of European Thrash! Once again sporting the masterful production of Jacob Hansen and with artwork by the US artist crew Sons Of Nero (UNEARTH, IN FLAMES, CHIMAIRA, EVERY TIME I DIE, etc.) , THE ARCANE ORDER tear down the walls with their aggressive and uncompromising sound. Having developed their trademark sound into harder songs and more complex structures, thus providing the only meaningful alternative for all orphaned STRAPPING YOUNG LAD fans, makes “In The Wake Of Collisions” an early contender for the modern thrash album of the year!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Death Is Imminent
2 - Between Reason And Hubris
3 - The Serpent Tower
4 - Eruptions Of Red
5 - When Oceans Become Deserts
6 - Unleash The Tyrant
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