The golden age of glitter

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SWEET APPLE - The golden age of glitter
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  • Formate:CD
  • Genre:Doom/Stoner/70ies
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The 2nd album from this indie star-studded U.S. band is an unpretentious pop/rock gem. Sweet Apple plays melody-driven power-chord stadium rock with pop-glitter choruses, undeniably massive hooks and memorable riffs. This is simply exceptional power pop with extra muscle, a 70s-influenced psych/garage twist, some tasteful & flashy guitar runs, and tunes that will be forever lodged in your humming center. These are the kind of simple powerhouse pop rockers that, in a perfect world, would be flooding the airwaves, blasting out of every car window on the highway. Every single song on here is begging to be a hit single. The band includes members from Dinosaur Jr., Cobra Verde & Witch + guest appearances from Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees/Queens of the Stone Age), Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices/Boston Spaceships) and Rachel Haden (that dog, The Rentals). The album recalls a bunch of great bands: Cheap Trick, Free Energy, Redd Kross, the Kinks, Thin Lizzy, Brownsville Station, Black Mountain, the Knack, Muck and the Mires, Nada Surf, Squeeze, the Who, Dead Meadow, etc.