The path of salvation

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STORMRIDER - The path of salvation
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  • Version:CD
  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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„The Path Of Salvation“ is the third full length-album of the Power Metal-band STORMRIDER from Herne, released by Pure Steel. With their debut „Shipwrecked“ from 2005 (which has been unleashed by Underground Symphony) and the second album „Fate Of The Hunter“ from 2008 (which was full of great hymns and also released by Pure Steel), they won a great fellowship in the German underground-scene. This crowd will love their new masterpiece as well for sure. There’s no better way of celebrating their 10th anniversary than with a new, powerful release! On the new album, which is both powerfully and basically produced, there are ten tracks in the typical STORMRIDER-vein included added by a concept based story around Dantes Inferno. Well-played, pounding doublebass-drumming in an amazing speed meets Stefan Hebes’ Matt Barlow-inspired, highly melodic and powerful vocals. You can also hear harmonic twin-guitar-leads and fitting solos in the old Maiden-vein here. Here you can listen to a perfect combination of US Metal and European Metal-stuff. Every single track is a classic for Iced Earth-junkies, who think that they wimped out after „Something Wicked This Way Comes“. There seem to be certain reasons, why they chose this band name…

Track list Total runtime
1 - The path of salvation 4:50
2 - Across the acheron 6:01
3 - Long way down 6:12
4 - Walls of fire 3:16
5 - Heretics 6:03
6 - The sentence divine 6:25
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