A new day

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SINAMORE - A new day
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Great guitar driven Gothic Rock aus Finnland!

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SINAMORE's debut, A New Day, can be best described as sad, bittersweet, biting, dark, and melancholic -- perhaps drawing its influences from the sullen yet hopeful Finnish persona. If you are looking for a comparison for SINAMORE, place them somewhere between H.I.M. and Sentenced, for this band also inspires through their self-contained writing style and the irrefutable charm of their sombre vocalist. Highly recommended: "A Drama for Two", a duet with guest vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen (BEFORE THE DAWN). Gothic Rock is about to discover a new rising star patiently looming on the Finnish horizon!

Mikko Heikkilä - vocals & guitar
Tommi Muhli - guitar
Jarno Uski - bass
Miika Hostikka - drums

Track list Total runtime
1 - Follow into the cry
2 - Crimson leaf
3 - Sleeping away
4 - Darkness of day
5 - My rain
6 - Fallen
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