Breaking the stillness

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SHEAR - Breaking the stillness
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Progressive and highly melodic female fronted metal.

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You have seen a lot of female fronted metal bands over the past few years. While most of them tend to drift into a gothic like direction with angelic female voices, SHEAR and escpecially the voice of Alexa Leroux is different from the competitors in the sometimes all too similar sounding genre!

Hailing from Helsinki, Finland this sextet is finding its own path by bringing you a fresh approach to a sound in between melodic metal, symphonic power and classical rock. “Breaking The Stillness” represents progressive and open minded musicians playing a typical Scandinavian, yet interesting and exciting sound based on heavy guitars, superb keyboard atmospheres, and catchy vocals.

There is so much creativity in what SHEAR are doing, and the Finns make sure to give a distinct feel to each of the ten tracks of their debut album.

Track list Total runtime
1 - The awakening 4:43
2 - In solitude 4:08
3 - Scorched 5:21
4 - Someone else's eyes 4:03
5 - Wounded 4:42
6 - Redemption awaits 5:25
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