Die screaming

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SATAN'S SATYRS - Die screaming
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Rising high above the overkill of self-styled occult rock that lurks in the underground at present. Satan’s Satyrs are blazing a trail through a nightmarish world of battered VHS videos, overheated ampstacks and dog-eared vinyl, and are a band fit to set the pulse of any self-respecting trash connoisseur racing. With ‘Die Screaming’, they’re set to carry out the Devil’s bidding across the globe with uniquely sordid and salacious style.

Track list Total runtime
1 - Thumper's theme 1:39
2 - Instruments of hellfire 5:40
3 - Curse of the corpse 5:18
4 - Black souls 3:39
5 - Show me your skull 4:44
6 - One by one (they die) 5:40
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