Operation: Mindcrime II

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QUEENSRYCHE - Operation: Mindcrime II
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Seattle quintet Queensryche has always stood apart from other heavy metal bands through their artful progressive bent and intense observations on the world around them. With their third album, 1988's Grammy-nominated and critically acclaimed Operation: Mindcrime-a concept opus born out of Reagan-era disilllusionment-Queensryche transcended the metal label and sealed their reputation for cerebral music and heady lyrical vision. Set 20 years later, and awash in "rock, revenge, and redemption," this brilliant new sequel was inspired by current political and social climates. (2006)

Track list Total runtime
1 - Freiheit Ouvertüre 1:35
2 - Convict 0:08
3 - I'm American 2:53
4 - One foot in hell 4:12
5 - Hostage 4:29
6 - The Hands 4:36
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