The crawling chaos

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PUTERAEON - The crawling chaos
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PUTERAEON are back once again with a massive assault of Swedish old school rotten death metal: ‘The Crawling Chaos’, the 3rd album, recorded at Dagon Recordings and mixed & mastered at Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios. ‘The Crawling Chaos’ is described as the most powerful and thought through album. The music is a perfect blend of both previous albums. "We've worked longer on the songs this time, making them evolve during the whole writing process", says mainman Jonas Lindblood who formed the band back in 2008. The album contains 10 new tracks and awesome art by Christoffer Fredriksson, who's done most of the bands artworks. "Every song has a little drawing illustrating something from the lyric" the singer states. Lyricwise not much has changed since last time. "Once again it's mainly Lovecraft inspired stuff and the stuff that's accually not Lovecraft, could have been." says Lindblood. Get ready to be devoured by the dark things from beyond! Hail Nyarlathotep!

Track list Total runtime
1 - Wrath 6:59
2 - In dreamdead sleep 4:56
3 - Path to oblivion 3:30
4 - Puckmans model 4:09
5 - From the ethereal vortex 5:00
6 - The crawling chaos 5:28
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